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    Devyn McCar was elated. His life was turning out exactly as he dreamed it would. But in a sick turn of events one night on the beach in Santa Monica, his dreams are shattered. Left with a consuming hatred, Devyn begins a spree of violence that ultimately leads him to the Defense Information Systems Agency. DISAís Commander of Operations is organizing a covert operations team called the Doves to fight the War on Drugs, and he makes Devyn an offer he canít refuse.

    Devynís rage is suddenly redirected into the fight of his life in a suicide intelligence-gathering assignment that exposes him to the most powerful drug lords in the world. He becomes a temporary mercenary on the Doves team in the bloody war against the Colombian drug cartels. Thinking he was chosen because he is expendable, Devyn soon discovers the Doves have his back.

    DISAís fight takes the team from the inner cities of Vancouver, Los Angeles and New York, to the depths of the Colombian mountains and rainforest. In the process, Devyn and the Doves form an unusual but trusted bond that fosters a healing process in each of their lives.

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A CHANCE is approximately 114,000 words. Apprx 324 pages.

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TODD WHITTIER has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science: Programming and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business: Finance. He served five years in the US Navy. In basic training he qualified to be a Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewman. He earned his Air Warfare Specialist wings while serving with the Black Knights Fighter/Attack Squadron on the USS Carl Vinson in the Persian Gulf.
Todd's first fictitious encounter with Devyn McCar was under tense circumstances. They have since become friends and Devyn reveals some of his experiences from his missions so that Todd can document and share them, with some embellishment, in his novels.
Todd's writing style is influenced by Clive Cussler Ė one of his favorite authors. He also mixes in a little Michael Crichton and Tom Clancy.