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Chapter 1  |  Chapter 2  |  Chapter 3

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Here’s a good way to know whether a thriller will be effective: if you’re enraged by the end of the first chapter, and terrified at the end of the second. By that measure – and by any other you care to apply – Todd Whittier’s “A Chance” is a winner. Devyn McCar, a decent man who dreams of being a marine biologist, finds his world turned inside out when a gang of murderous thugs rape and kill his fiancée while he, wounded and near death, can only watch. But he finds his inner assassin awakened, and proceeds to execute a series of very satisfying acts of revenge, which attracts the attention of a shadowy government anti-drug agency. They offer him a job, and McCar, with nothing to lose, accepts. He thereafter hunts down and dispatches Columbia drug lords ruthlessly (for his agency, “due process” means the progress a bullet makes from the front to the back of the skull). Whittier – who makes a cameo appearance in his own novel – writes with great specificity and detail about weaponry, survival tactics and the drug trade. As for McCar, he radiates the virtues of the American hero: respectful and shy with women; loyal to friends, compassionate to innocents, and deadly to enemies. I hope I give nothing away when I say that the most horrifying of the drug lords survives the novel, which I hope means that he and McCar will have a future showdown.

I found this very hard to put down. Mr. Whittier is a great story teller, mixing fact and fiction effortlessly. Without realizing it, I learned a lot about survival, weapons, the environment and the drug cartels, to name a just few things. He beats Clancy in character development -- I have a big crush on Devyn McCar. He is tragic and heroic at the same time. This book makes me want to start the second installment right now -- I assume there will be a follow-on, because these characters are just getting started.
The devastating first few chapters grabbed my attention -- they give McCar the motivation that sets him on his path of destruction. His evolution is fun to watch. Can't wait for the next book.

A Chance kept me from my work, it kept me reading late into the night. I love the characters, and enjoyed the virtual travel. The descriptions keep the reader completely involved in the action, and nearly tasting the survival food "Delicacies".
Thank you for the adventure - can't wait for this authors next book!

Great adventure story! The writing kept me engaged - I wanted to know what was going to happen next every step of the way. This is on par with Lee Child and Tom Clancy novels... I highly recommend it.

Very well done! Great character development and captivating story. I can clearly see this turning into several more books and I look forward to that. I found it very hard to put down!

This was a great book with very dynamic characters. I was hooked after the first 5 pages and I wasn't disappointed. Mr Whittier paints very vivid scenes and the characters and plot kept me engaged throughout the book. It was enjoyable and not formulaic (unlike the recent Cussler/Clancy efforts). Great first effort and I look forward to reading about Devyn's future exploits!

Thought it was a great book, it pulled me in to the story and I wanted more when it was done.