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I want to especially thank J. A. Konrath. His Newbies Guide to Publishing
and his blog were a great help and answered a lot of my questions.
J A Konrath Blog

My writing is influenced by my favorite authors: Clive Cussler, Michael Crichton and Tom Clancy.

Since writing my novel I have discovered several new authors.

I am currently reading:

Why am I reading this?

The Way of Kings
Brandon Sanderson

I was searching for books that are similar to the A Song of Ice and Fire series (Game of Thrones).

I have recently read:


A Chance
Todd Whittier   

Awesome! I've read it about 20 times!

Triple Threat
Todd Whittier   

Awesome! I've read this one about 20 times too!

The Seduction of
Braulio Jules

Tim Treanor

Why I read this:
The Treanor's contacted me to see if I would read and review Tim's new novel. I happily obliged.

One thing that really stands out in The Seduction of Braulio Jules is the fantastic character development. You get the bad guys - including politicians and scientists - that you love to hate. Then of course there's Braulio Jules - a man who appears to be just coming out of his shell. I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of his evolution in the next novel! These are characters that would fit right in to an HBO series - you just want more of them.
Treanor, thanks to his past, has an extensive knowledge of the government and its internal workings. This only adds to the realism of the story. What better way to control the population than through wars or disease - or both? And who better to target than the aging population, which is a drain on the economy rather than a support?
Treanor also has an obvious knowledge of science. This novel has the feel of Michael Crichton all throughout. The fiction world lost an excellent, talented author when Crichton passed away. I'm looking forward to Treanor filling that hole. Like Crichton, this book is based on a situation that is extremely plausible and, knowing our government, even likely.
The Seduction of Braulio Jules certainly left you hanging for the next novel. I'll be sure to read all of Tim Treanor's work.

Color Me Grey
J.C. Phelps

Why I read this:
This novel appeared in my Amazon Daily Deals.

This was overall just a fun read! Alexis took us through her transition from office worker to covert operations spy. She learns quickly, has a sassy, positive attitude and can take as well as she gives with her male colleagues. She would fit right in with the black ops team in my novels!
Many of the low-rated reviews had a problem with Alexis living at home. I actually found this charming. One of my favorite characters is Lawrence Sanders’ Archy McNally. He was an adult who lived at home, but his interaction with his father was priceless. Same with Alexis and her father.
I haven’t read the rest of the series – but it’s on my list!

Whiskey Sour
J.A. Konrath

Why I read this:
While researching how I would publish my book, J.A. Konrath was one of the first names to come up in a Google search. I downloaded his Newbies Guide to Publishing and it was an immense help. I told myself that after my novel was completed and published that the first novel I would read would be by J.A. Konrath.
I'm on Chapter 3 and not disappointed. I should note that I have a glass of Jack Daniel's on the rocks nearby while reading this novel.

While researching how I would publish my book, J.A. Konrath was one of the first names to come up in a Google search. I downloaded his Newbies Guide to Publishing and it was an immense help. I told myself that after my novel was completed and published that the first novel I would read would be by J.A. Konrath.
I finished my book and promptly bought and read Whiskey Sour.
I was pleasantly surprised. After reading about J.A. Konrath’s failed attempts to get published, I was dreading mediocre work from him. On the other hand, after reading the same work (JAK’s Blog), I realized that the publishing world doesn’t necessarily know good writing from bad.
Jack Daniels is a tough, brave female cop in the world of Chicago’s male-dominated PD. She’s not afraid to confront her enemies – no matter whose side they’re on. J.D.’s character development was good – as was her partner’s and the Feebies’. The character development on the Gingerbread Man was a bit weak – but I don’t actually consider that a fault. Why spend the reader’s time building up a character that might die or be caught? Let the fantasy novels do that. And to be honest – I was weak on the character development of my bad guys in my novel too. The reader can fill that in on their own – in their own imaginations.
It was a pleasure to have discovered JAK. I read his self-publishing guide cover to cover when I was finishing up my novel and researching how to self-publish. It’s just a bonus that his books are also entertaining and time well spent. I’ll be reading his whole Jack Daniels series.
On a side note, I actually did drink some J.D. on the rocks while reading this one. Keep up the good work JAK!

The Salsa Connection  
Johnny Ray

Why I read this:
Again, while searching for a way to market my book, I joined Twitter. I randomly picked a few authors to follow. Johnny Ray personally thanked me for following him on Twitter.
I have never really had the inclination to read a romance. Well, this is technically a romantic thriller, and it does sound intriguing! Plus I have been meaning to learn to Salsa dance for ages!
I’m looking forward to this one!

While searching for a way to market my book, I joined Twitter. I randomly picked a few authors to follow. Johnny Ray personally thanked me for following him on Twitter.
I have never really had the inclination to read a romance. Well, this is technically a romantic thriller, and it did sound intriguing! Plus I have been meaning to learn to Salsa dance for ages!
I enjoyed the character development of Sveta. It was easy to learn about her as the story progressed. Johnny Ray calls this novel a Romantic Thriller, but there is a charming air of mystery added. This was a very pleasant read and if you’re on the fence about learning to dance with your significant other, then I recommend this one to give you a nudge.
The only negative criticism, all I have to offer is that there were some typos. Enough to notice, but not enough to be annoying. Having said that, I will be reading more of Johnny Ray’s novels.
Keep up the good work, J.R.

The Troy Standard
A.G. Fredericks

Why I read this:
I was introduced to A.G. Fredericks through Twitter. I read the description for his book and it is right up my alley!
I am a collector of precious metals and try to keep up with current events in alternate (non-mainstream) media. I have a feeling this book will be more true than fiction!

Excellent novel!
This was definitely a page-turner. After reading a few… not-so-good books… from self-published authors, this was a welcome relief! The plot and characters were well developed and very believable. It’s great to see a modern scenario equivalent to Rand or Orwell. As a collector of precious metals, I could certainly appreciate the plot. I know we all hope that the ending in reality turns out differently than in The Troy Standard. On second thought, I’m sure there are those that wouldn’t mind things turning out that way...
I admit I put off reading this one for a while. I was expecting a dry novel with little “action.” I was pleasantly proven wrong on both counts. It was obviously well researched and I really enjoyed the writing style.
I have a few other books to read… while trying to finish writing my second novel… but I will definitely be reading anything that A.G. Fredericks writes. Keep it up!

Terrence Crimmins

Why I read this:
I was introduced to Terrence Crimmins through Twitter. The description of his book looks intriguing and may actually have some similarities to my own novel.

The story started off with potential – obviously a hostage situation. I never really did develop a rapport with the party-boy, pizza delivery guy. Therefore I never really cared much what happened to him throughout the book, so it wasn’t as suspenseful as it could have been.
There were a lot of typos, enough that it seemed that this wasn’t edited. But the writing style was easy to read. I think this author has potential. Just get a few friends to edit and it will be a huge advantage. Three or four typos, bad grammar, or misuse of quotations and I can ignore it. This novel had a few more than that.
I hope this is seen as constructive criticism – keep writing!

Michael Crichton

Why I read this:
One of my favorite authors. Also one of the only books of his that I have not read.

Michael Crichton was one of my favorite authors and I thought I’d pretty much read everything of his. Turns out that I actually have read this one before, but it was so long ago that I barely remembered any of it. So it was like reading it for the first time—one of the good things about getting older and losing the memory.
As usual, Crichton takes something that could be possible and takes your imagination even beyond those limits. His books are always about something fascinating, but something I have very limited knowledge about. In this case, Next is about genetics and genetic engineering or modifications. This was not one of my favorite novels by M.C. It was a fun read, however—talking chimpanzees and parrots, interesting stuff on the legal side of genetic engineering—stuff that I’m too lazy to research myself but enjoy learning in an interesting story. Although still a good novel, it didn’t really have the Crichton “feel” to it. I think I read somewhere that he didn’t actually write this one totally—I’ll have to check on that. Same with the pirate novel that he wrote—another fun read.
Anyway, to sum up—if you’ve never read Michael Crichton, I suggest you don’t start with Next. He has a list of great novels. I loved the novel Congo, but hated the movie—so don’t let that turn you off.
Michael Crichton will be greatly missed. I always looked forward to his novels. He definitely had an influence on my writing—I tried to add some fun facts in my novel so that the reader would come away from it having learned something. Of course, I’m no micro-biologist, so you’ll come away learning something a lot simpler.

Killing Floor
Lee Child

Why I read this:
I read Echo Burning. I'll leave it at that. I'm going to try his first novel, Killing Floor, and go from there.

This is the second Jack Reacher novel that I’ve read so far. I really enjoyed the movie, even though I’m not a big fan of Tom Cruise. My friend loves Reacher novels and has read every one so far. I thought I’d give them a try and started out by reading Echo Burning. Maybe I had the novel built up after seeing the Jack Reacher movie and my friend hyping the novels. I came away slightly disappointed after reading Echo Burning. But this review isn’t about that book.
So, I decided to give Lee Child’s first book a chance. I read an interview with him in PlayBoy and thought it was a great success story. I still do. But it explained a lot about what I didn’t like about the novels. To me Jack Reacher seemed a bit hypocritical.
The story was good and the character development was great. I was right there with every character. The plot was very feasible, although I think that the Federal Reserve should have been mentioned… but that is just personal opinion.
It is great to have a character who isn’t the underdog through the whole story. I do like that about Reacher. I have never liked characters who get there ass kicked throughout the story and then learn some skills or tricks and win in the end. It’s a relief to have a character that is simply on top of his/her game throughout. Had I not read Echo Burning first, I think I would have really enjoyed Killing Floor. I still have enjoyed it—enough to give Lee Child more of my business. I’ll read the second Jack Reacher novel and go from there.
And for all I know, my characters are hypocrites too! It’s difficult to tell when you have an idea of who they are in your head versus what you put on paper.
Thanks for Jack Reacher, and keep up the good work Lee Child!

Hugh Howey

While researching for ways to promote my book, I watched a YouTube video with Hugh Howey. He was a great guy and very helpful to the viewers. He mentioned that Wool was kind of a side project or something, but it got great reviews and people wanted more of it! I like reading sci-fi so I had to check it out.
Well, I read about it and it was about post-apocalyptic community living in an underground silo. I thought to myself, Boring! But, it got good reviews and people loved it, so I bought it and gave it a try. Gotta say, it was difficult to put down. You’re right there in that silo with the characters. And if flows quickly. H.H. is a great writer and I’m definitely going to check out more of his stuff. Wool was not only entertaining but very believable. There are characters you love and characters you love to hate.
If you like a gripping read, then I suggest you just buy the Omnibus Edition.
Thanks H.H. and keep up the good work!

The Sniper
Anthony V. LaPenta Jr

Why I read this:
This showed up in my Amazon daily deals.

I think that Anthony has a great idea started here for a series of novels about his black ops team. They have all the latest and greatest (and futuristic) technology at their fingertips (or at least, on their minds). Books like that are right up my alley, not only to read… but to write as well.
There were a lot of typos and misuse of quotations (it was hard sometimes to tell if someone was still talking or not). I didn’t really get a connection with the main character. I never really got on his side, root for him, or even feel sorry for him. His actions should have had him on death row, not as a leader in an elite black-ops team.
Still, a fun read – Keep it up!

The Sniper
Mark Chisnell

Why I read this:
Very well-written short novel (Four chapters).
I can’t agree more with the other (positive) reviews. This brought you right there with the main character. You felt his anxiety, as well as appreciated his patience.
Very few authors inspire me to want to incorporate their writing style into mine. Mark does an excellent job of letting the reader know what is going on in the character’s mind, and what he is dealing with in his environment.
I have a few other books to read in my “list,” but I will definitely be reading more from M. Chisnell.
Thanks for your effort to create this, and keep writing!